First Impressions:

On the Air with Neal Dionne

IMAG0339By Sue Cunningham

“One of the worst things in the world is you make a phone call because you need help, and you get a robotic pre-recorded voice, and then the menu of options to select. It just makes you want to tear your hair out.” Neal Dionne, Wood Radio

I was a little nervous before my interview with Neal Dionne on “West Michigan Live,” until he told this story to introduce me that says everything about the benefit of having a live person answering the phone for your business.

Neal was right when he said: “We want a willing an empathetic ear when we call. Your company provides a certain warmth answering the phone that nobody else does.”

It was fun to talk with Neal and his listeners about the real time, 24/7 service Cunningham Communications provides to our clients.

Our staff are the “front door” for our clients who rely on us to answer promptly, with the right information and knowledge of how to help the caller.

We answer for hospitals and doctors and property managers and local business. We take messages, transfer calls, and send texts. For some clients, especially new or start-up businesses we act as the “virtual receptionist,” saving companies the cost of hiring a full-time person.


The interview seemed to end all too soon, and I was proud of Neal’s closing comment: “I would take comfort knowing I am talking to people right here in West Michigan who know and work for the people I am trying to reach.”