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Business Beat: Value of a Call Center

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By Sue Cunningham

I am still surprised when a business person asks me about the value of a real time, real person Call Center, even when everyone is walking around, head down, on their phones. (maybe playing PokemonGo)

So I appreciated the chance to talk on the phone with a major business owner resource, Chris Holman, the President and CEO of the Michigan Business Network. Chris interviewed me for a podcast on the Michigan Business Beat, and you can listen here:

The questions Chris asked are similar to questions we answer every day, and I am happy to share them with you:

“What makes a call center necessary in a day when everyone has a phone in their pocket?”

I believe that people want immediate answers when they call for service. I read a survey that said 80 percent of people will hang up if they get an automated voice mail. That is a lost business opportunity.

There is a lot of value in having a live person answering the phone 24/7. We can save a business owner a lot of money on staffing a live person to handle phone calls. As a virtual receptionist for our clients, Cunningham Communications functions as “the front door” and we believe our companies can profit from that.

I was happy when Chris commented:

“My patience when I leave a message is about two and a half minutes waiting for them to call me back…as a guy who uses plumbers for 24 hour emergencies I can see how it allows smaller companies to compete.”

 Chris added: “If you get a human on the phone you know you will get someone who will do their darndest to help you.”

 Do you have questions about the value of a 24/7 answering service for your business? Give me a call, and let’s talk: 616-459-6500.