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“A Call Center with Local Knowledge”

Video: “Peace of Mind”

Carolyn Flietstra Holland Home

Carolyn Flietstra
Holland Home

By Sue Cunningham

Recently I asked Carolyn Flietstra, of Holland Home, to explain the value of our call center to her organization:

“We left for awhile, a long time ago, but then we came running back to Cunningham Communications.”

“For me there is a big difference to have a call center that is a local company. They know how to pronounce place names, and street names and physician names.”

Cunningham Communications provides “virtual operator” level services around the clock for Holland Home’s network of  independent living, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled facilities as well as hospice and home care serving 4,000 people daily.

Carolyn Flietstra is Holland Home’s Executive Vice President, Home and Community Services.

 “Their technology and the personalized service of their staff is very impressive. We are a big organization and they handle a lot of calls for us every day.

“Cunningham Communications gives me peace of mind. I have a lot of operational balls in the air every day, one thing I don’t need to worry about is our communications system, thanks to Cunningham Communications.”

“We knew it would be difficult to staff three shifts 24/7 with a call volume that is up and down throughout the day and night. Sue’s data analysis of our call volume helped us predict when we most needed service, and they helped us develop a work flow. The insights they provided helped us develop a service that is very helpful to us.”

“They manage us like we would manage ourselves. Cunningham’s operators are an extension of our organization.”

“We are dealing with families at a most vulnerable time in their lives. When someone calls us, they may be stressed already. I know Cunningham’s operators are always polite and able to handle unscripted moments because they know us so well.”

“I feel like Cunningham Communications does more than answer phones for us. They provide us a much higher quality service at a lower cost than we could do ourselves.”