First Impressions:

In this Case, a Properly Answered Call was Worth $1 Million


By Sue Cunningham-Milito

Personal injury attorney Gerald Stahl can put a real dollar value on a promptly answered telephone call. In one case, for a call answered by Cunningham Communications operators, it was worth $1 million dollars.

Attorney Stahl said: “In the case of personal injury, I had one client say, ‘if you hadn’t answered the call right away, I would have gone on to the next lawyer on the list.’ And that was a one million dollar case.”

The personal injury and criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Gerald Stahl has relied on Cunningham Communications for the past eight years. Our telephone answering service provides him with 24/7 coverage.

In practice for 37 years, Attorney Stahl said he appreciates that Cunningham operators can put the caller on hold, and patch through calls once determining he is available to speak at that moment.

“When I am in court or away from the office, I find that having Cunningham answering the phone means I get my messages in real time,” Attorney Stahl said. “It is better than having a personal secretary answering the phone for me.”

“I get my phone calls right away. There is no person calling that Cunningham can make the decision for me of whether I want to talk. I want them to put every call through,” he said.

Night and weekend telephone answering coverage is especially important, Attorney Stahl said.

“I like Cunningham Communications, they are really nice people. I would recommend them to others.”

Call Cunningham Communications at 800-430-7880 to learn the value a properly answered phone call can mean to your business.