First Impressions:

“I Can Always Rely on Cunningham Communications to Help Us Out”


By Sue Cunningham-Milito

Faith Hospice Executive Director Rene Wheaton, RN, BSN, MHA, takes comfort knowing that Cunningham Communications operators answer any kind of phone call around the clock.

As a Cunningham Communications client for the past 10 years, Wheaton says, “We are a 24/7 service. I don’t have to staff people to answer calls after hours because the operators at Cunningham Communications do a great job.”

Wheaton recalls that when the winter polar vortex closed roads, “we had a lot of staff unable to get in to work. Cunningham was very helpful answering the phones until I got people available. They are always very kind and accommodating.”

When phone lines went down to Faith Hospice, Wheaton says Cunningham Communications was able to route calls to a cell phone. “I can always rely on them to help us out.”

Faith Hospice is dedicated “to providing comfort and care for patients and their loved ones as life’s journey comes to a close.”

Hospice care, palliative care and bereavement services are provided in homes, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. Faith Hospice operates Trillium Woods, an inpatient hospice facility.

Wheaton says the Cunningham operators, “are always appropriate” in the way they answer calls. “They very nicely find out who the caller needs to speak with. They route the call to the right nurse, or to intake if the caller does not have hospice service.”

If Faith Hospice phone lines get too busy during the day, calls roll over to Cunningham operators. Wheaton says Cunningham operators “are our emergency default.”

Wheaton says she “absolutely recommends” Cunningham Communications.

“They are always extremely helpful. If I have a concern about a call, we can review the tape recording. I can see where there was a misunderstanding with the call. It is always a learning opportunity for us as a large organization. It can be confusing for people who call.”

“We just appreciate partnering with Cunningham Communications.”

Call 800-430-7880 to find out how our 24/7 answering service will ensure you never miss a call.