First Impressions:

Our telephone answering service helps Mover book appointments

By Sue Cunningham-Milito

How did a North Carolina moving company come to rely on our Michigan-based 24/7 telephone answering service?

Develynne Camack of DC Movers, LLC, says it is a distinct advantage that Cunningham Communications operators can instantly quote and schedule nearly half of its 500 moves a year .

In the competitive Raleigh-Durham-Charlotte moving market, many of the calls seeking a quote for moving services come in after normal business hours.

“We offer callers 24-hour service. Having a telephone answering service frees up my time.  We don’t have to keep a person in the office after hours,” Camack says.

Before hiring an answering service Camack was taking the calls himself on his cell phone, out of fear of missing a potential customer.

Camack developed a “decision tree” script for the telephone answering service operators based on his 20 years of moving company experience.

He was dissatisfied with previous answering services that did not follow his script. About three years ago Camack did an internet search that led him to Cunningham Communications.

“I told Cunningham that I had something that works. If their operators follow the script it works splendidly. Cunningham’s flexibility in learning something new and applying it to my account is what is most helpful.”

The Cunningham operators guide the caller through a range of options: number of rooms, distance of move and types of furniture being moved.

Once confirming the scope of work with the caller, the operator books the moving date and time. A calendar appointment scheduling the move goes to the DC Movers office. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer.

“The answering service operator can do everything that we do in the office. I don’t know anybody else in this business who can do that.”

Camack says that if a daytime call to the office rings more than three times, it automatically rolls over the Cunningham Communications answering service.

While in college the entrepreneurial Camack sold telephone services. He had a part time job with United Parcel Services where he learned how to load trucks.

He delivered furniture and picked up work on weekends working for a friend’s moving company.

“It’s funny the things you pick up along the way.  Between telephone service sales, furniture delivery and helping to run a moving company I learned what I needed to start my own after I graduated.”

Camack says he would recommend Cunningham Communications telephone answering service to others.

“Logistics don’t really matter where they are, it is their ability to work with you. Even if the operators’ accent is different, they have a pleasant voice on the phone.”

Our Michigan-based 24-7 telephone answering service helps clients in 23 states and all four mainland time zones be more responsive to their customers.

Call us anytime at 800-430-7880. Our operators are standing by.