Solutions for Large Businesses

For many big businesses, it’s all about finding efficiencies. For some, that has meant going to an automated phone answering system. Why not? It’s less expensive, reliable, requires no extra staff, and minimal training. Plus, customers are used to it. In fact, they kind of expect it. Right?

Well, when people take the effort to make a call they usually want to talk to a real person. That’s the reason they picked up the phone rather than clicking on a website. They don’t want to press 1, 2, or 3 or go through a menu to get to a person. They’re looking for efficiency too and having to wade through a series of options is not efficient. And that results in a frustrated customer.

That’s where we come in. We’ll answer your calls personally and get your prospects and customers the person or answers they need — immediately. 9-to-5, during lunch, after work hours, even over a holiday.

The bottom line? If a current or potential customer is trying to reach you and they get an impersonal machine, there is a strong likelihood they will move on. Missed calls are missed opportunities. At Cunningham Communications, we will take your company’s calls personally and professionally, ensuring business is never lost because of a missed opportunity to personally connect.