You’ve reached Cunningham Communications.

First impressions count. And from the very start, we at Cunningham Communications set out to make the best first impression possible for our clients. Relieving your customers of annoying automated phone systems by offering a kind and knowledgeable voice to answer the call and providing personal assistance, no matter the time of day.

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of personal service. For the last 25+ years, we’ve built our business on delivering reliable, friendly, and professional phone service every time, without exception. It’s this personal touch that sets Cunningham apart from the rest. And while there may be bigger and better known call center companies in our industry, there are none with a stronger commitment to serving customer needs than Cunningham Communications.

A friendly voice that’s here to help.

Taking your messages, helping your customers, creating great first (and second and third …) impressions. We’re here to handle your phones and customer service so you can focus on your day to day. That’s what we do.

Whether you’re in the office with a patient, on the road, working with a customer, or just doing what you do; we are your trustworthy back office. We are your receptionist, your customer service professional, your scheduler, your order specialist. We are available 24/7/365.

With us, it’s personal.

At Cunningham Communications, we not only take your calls personally, we treat your business, your needs, your success and your customers, as if they were our own. Because in a way, that’s just what they are. You entrust us to be a professional and knowledgeable extension of your business. That friendly and competent voice who answers your phone at any hour of the day. We take that responsibility personally and, as a result, do everything in our power to make each call as personable as possible.