First Impressions:

30 Years of “Answering the Call”

By Sue Cunningham-Milito

What is the impact of a properly answered telephone call for your business?

Let some of our Cunningham Communications customers tell you:

  • An attorney gained a $1 million personal injury lawsuit client. He said we answered the phone promptly when other lawyers had voice mail.
  • A hospice says we helped them stay in touch with staff trying to get to work during the Polar Vortex last winter. The storm crashed their phone system.
  • A pediatrician group says we save new parents from taking their sick baby to an Emergency Room. When we answer the phone after hours, we connect the parent with the “on call” nurse or doctor.
  • A funeral home, a 25-year client, says callers appreciate our compassion when a family calls to report the death of a loved one.
  • A personal travel company says we quickly connect her mega-star VIP clients wanting a last minute “jet setter” vacation.
  • A mechanical contractor said: “When the pipes are bursting in a real time disaster, your people don’t have to ask how to spell ‘Michigan.’ Your operator acts like you are part of our company.”

Thirty years ago, my late father, Dick Cunningham, started Cunningham Communications on a simple premise: when someone is calling a business, they want to talk to a real person right away.

How can Cunningham Communications help your business connect with your customers in real time? Let’s talk; call us at 616-459-6500.